Monday, August 04, 2014

First Day of THIRD Grade!

First of all, how is it even possible I have a third grader? I'm gonna need time to slow wayyyy down because Mama can't handle all this growing up this fast. It's not good for my blood pressure. :)

Here we go with our questions for THIRD grade. The all caps is because it doesn't seem possible that my little boy is in THIRD grade. Seriously, y'all. THIRD grade.

I need a box of tissues. 

Did I mention he's in THIRD grade? Cause in case you missed it, I sent my baby to THIRD grade today, where they learn to write in cursive and have 2 teachers. Mrs. Marshall is his homeroom teacher and Mrs. Garcia is his second teacher. He will be in the gifted program this year, so I'm super excited about that. But still y'all, I'm not old enough to have a THIRD grader, although I am excited that he will be learning to write in cursive. He's not, but I am.

So here we go:

Beginning of THIRD Grade
What is your favorite subject in school? math (really, asks this mama? Really? Coulda fooled me.)
What is your favorite thing to eat for school lunch? Pizza.

What did you like about Mrs. Marshall's classroom? She has a goldfish tank.
What is going to be the best thing about third grade? Lunch.

What do you think about the homework? It’s gonna be hard.
What is your favorite color? Light green.
Are you nervous about school? Yes, a little bit.
What are you nervous about? Making new friends.
How many friends do you think you will have? Probably five. We have a small class.
How many girlfriends? (Insert blank stare.) ZERO. (this answer has remained the same from Kindergarten to third grade! :))

So ready or not, THIRD grade, here we come!

Did I mention Jackson is now in THIRD grade? Cause he is.

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Kay said...

Light green. That's very specific...I love it. I had forgotten that he's in gifted this year. It will be a great year of THIRD grade! :)

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