Monday, August 11, 2014

Fishing Rodeo Birthday

We had Jackson's 8th birthday party this past weekend at the Fishing Rodeo at Lanark in Millbrook. It was probably the most unorthodox birthday party I've ever hosted, but I think it turned out okay. And the kids got free Fishing Rodeo tee shirts, so that was their "party favor." Mostly just because I forgot to do party favors, but it worked. It was way more crowded than I thought it would be, but it was fun. And I didn't get a single family picture of the birthday boy with our family and the grands, which kills me, but I don't guess I can do anything about it now, huh? We had the party from 8-10, because ya know, we were fishing, and it was H-O-T outside. After the kids got done fishing we went back to our house for cake and ice cream. Nothing fancy in the slightest, but I think it was a success. Jackson got to have a good time with his family and friends, and he even caught a catfish! Jackson loved the presents he got, and for 8 years old, he racked up. He got a camelbak from his Papa and Gigi (which he had wanted all summer long!) and a real bow and arrow set from Nana and Tata. He was so excited about both, and has even been practicing in the back yard (with the camelback on). He is one happy kiddo. His present from us will arrive today (a bird cage), and even though we might be crazy, we are about to add a few more members to our family in the shape of 2 parakeets. That's what he asked for, and since my parents were crazy enough to let me have random animals like birds, rabbits and fish as a kid, I don't feel like I should deny him the pleasure. So our family will be growing a little this week. Wish us luck, and enjoy the pictures!

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