Friday, September 05, 2014

Baptized By Rain

Have y'all seen the movie God's Not Dead? If not, stop reading this and go rent the movie right away. Then come back and finish reading my post.

You back yet?


Y'all. This movie. Incredible. Amazing. Words can't do it justice.

We rented the movie on Saturday and watched it 4 times before we returned it. We all loved it, and the message, but Jackson especially loved it. He would have watched it over and over again. The basic plot of the movie is that a Christian gets in a philosophy class with an atheist professor, and has to defend the premise of Christianity.

All weekend Jackson kept bringing the movie back up, and Sunday morning on the way to church he said that his favorite part of the movie was when Professor Radisson got hit by the car and was laying in the road. Slightly disturbed, my first response was, "How was that your favorite part?" Jackson then said in the all knowing way that only a child can, "Mom, if he wasn't hit by the car, he wouldn't have asked Jesus to come into his heart and then be baptized by the rain."

Baptized by rain.

How can an 8 year old see something like that?  I could have watched the movie a million times over and never came up with that concept. It made me see the whole end of the movie in a different light. You have an atheist professor that spent his entire career trying to disprove the idea of a loving God, who in turn makes a deathbed confession in the pouring rain, and he is literally washed clean of his sins by the pouring rain.


I might never look at a rainstorm the same way again. Good thing there is rain in the forecast. It might be time that we all are "rebaptized" by rain.

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Esther said...

Oh, to have the faith of a little child. You are blessed, my dear.

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