Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Breaking News!!!

So I have hesitated in sharing this too soon because I didn't want to jinx anything. Sometimes I want to share stuff with you as soon as it happens, and then I end up being disappointed because I didn't work out the way I had wanted. So, I had held off sharing because I didn't want my hopes to be dashed. That being said, I think enough time has gone by that we are in the safe zone now, so I'm ready to share.

Are you ready?

Really ready?

Jeremy and I kicked the kids out of our bathroom and we have kept it kid free and clean for 3 weeks now. 

What? You thought I was pregnant? Not in the plans.

I got a wild hair 3 weeks ago when Jackson was out sick from school and completely top to bottom cleaned our bathroom. I removed roughly 843 small toys from my garden tub, sticky tear-free shampoo bottles, assorted cups, buckets and bowls for water play, water guns and too many army men to count and relocated them to the kids bathroom.

I scrubbed my tub down, polished the mirrors and counters to a shine, scoured my crystal candle holders that were a wedding gift and removed any trace of children from my bathroom.

Y'all, it is glorious.

This is most definitely a record amount of time for us to keep our bathroom clean, and I can only hope that our streak continues. It's nice having the kids and their stuff in the front bathroom, and being able to walk into mine without hopping around a landmine of misplaced legos.

We shall see how long this streak continues...wish us luck.

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Kay said...

Ba hahahahahaha! I was wondering there for a minute. We've never shared a bed with the kids. Makes for a messy 'guest' bath, but most of the time, we don't have guests so I guess that works out nicely. Welcome to grown up bath land. : )

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