Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's New In Wade's World?

Lots going on around here! It's been crazy fun lately, but mostly just crazy.

  • Jackson has started gymnastics! We tried it out last night for the first time, and he is sold. He had an absolute blast! I was a little worried that he would think it was just for girls, but it helped so much that there was another 8 year old in the class. Jackson is super athletic, so he took to the parallel bars like a natural. It was so much fun watching him learn, and he can't wait to go back next week. He wouldn't let me take a picture, but I'll try to sneak one next week.
  • Anderson is speaking up to 7-8 word sentences now! Whoop whoop! That may not sound like much to other moms over 3 year olds, but it has been a long time coming for Anderman. We are so proud of him, and how much he has grown with his speech.
  • We are 372 days away from our Disney cruise, and I'm busy pinning away on pinterest. If planning ahead means that you will have a good vacation, then we are all set.
  • I'm itching to get another small tattoo. Maybe a birthday present to myself? If so, I only have 15 days to decide what and where. I'm thinking a small cross on my left foot, but who knows if I'll actually do it. 
  • I'm marching in alumni band again with the Auburn University Marching Band. It wasn't certain until yesterday, but Jeremy got the day off, and I'm so excited. Once a band geek, always a band geek!
Have a great day! 

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