Tuesday, September 02, 2014

You Can't Put A $ on Class

I was heading to work the other day and got stopped at a red light right before I merged onto the interstate. Much like other drivers, I was patiently waiting my turn to join the mad stampede to work when I noticed a beautiful Lexus a couple of cars ahead of me in the turn lane. It was freshly washed and waxed to a sheen, and was a beautiful shade of pearl. I've always loved the look of a Lexus, and like most people consider them a luxury vehicle. It has always been the vehicle I would purchase if money were no object.

Imagine my shock and disdain when the driver side door opened up (in the turn lane) and a polished youngish lady proceeded to stick her perfectly coiffed head out of the car and hock a gigantic loogie onto the ground before quickly shutting her door and stomping the gas pedal to get on the interstate.  

Y'all, there are no words... 

Just goes to show that money may buy you mansions, vacations I can only dream of and luxurious cars, but it cannot buy good manners and class. I may drive a Chevy minivan, but my Mama taught me better than that!

2 random thoughts:

Mom said...

Thank you Amy!!

Kay said...

Love this! But I have to say I've done it a time or two. But not in a Lexus so I guess that makes it ok. ;)
Asthma creates loogie-ness, I'm afraid. : /

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