Monday, October 06, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

I got my very own kayak for my birthday a few weeks ago. I got the call last week that it had been delivered to the store, and Saturday morning my Dad let me use his truck to go pick it up. Y'all, I love it! I was so excited about it that I raced over to my parents house, literally right before the pool was going to be closed for the winter, unwrapped my beautiful 10 foot kayak and threw it in the pool. Then, ever so carefully I climbed into the kayak, fully clothed. Mind you, this was the first "cool" day of fall, and had I fallen in, I would have been walking on water trying to get out. My parents got such a kick out of me in the kayak wearing jeans, shirt and scarf, but I couldn't help it. I was (and am) so excited about this! Anderson fits perfectly in front of me, so he will be able to ride with me, and Jackson has his own kayak. It glides perfectly, and hopefully I will be able to go out with the boys in a couple of weeks to try it out in open water. If we paddle carefully, we shouldn't get too wet, and I'm already planning on stopping up the scupper holes so that no water will come in during these cooler months. So exciting!

So, happy birthday to me! I plan to get lots of aquatic miles with this little ride!

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Kay said...

I love it that you dared go onto the water even though it could have come to a sad and chilly end. Happy birthday...I"m so glad we're friends! : ) Hugs!

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