Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Sweet Macy

Way back in November of 2002, I had my mind set that it was time for Jeremy and I to get a dog. I went on my lunch break to the local pet store and checked out the shelter pets they had for adoption. I came across a gorgeous brown puppy with white markings and I fell in love. Since Jeremy wasn't with me, I hoped that she would still be there that afternoon when we went back together, and she was. We walked out together that day with Macy, a brown bundle of energy that we would later find out would not weigh "35-40 lb. full grown" as promised, but instead would top out at 75lbs. I still think the shelter people laughed the whole time I walked out the door.

Macy was our furbaby, and she was B-A-D to the bone. I remember the time that I took a quick nap to wake up and find that she had eaten Jeremy's brand new glasses, lenses and all. I remember her running fast as lighting when she got out of the house, countless toys being destroyed, food being eaten off the counters and snatched from your hand when you weren't looking, underwear being eaten, and hair everywhere from her shedding.

But I also remember teaching her tricks like how to shake, beg, bark on command and roll over.

I remember being pregnant with Jackson, and her insisting on sleeping in the bed with me, curled up right between my knees.

I remember bringing Jackson and Anderson home from the hospital, and her being so gentle with them.

I remember that not one time did I ever have to worry about Macy being aggressive, other than a fierce bark for the UPS man.

I remember countless times of her letting the boys lay on her, "ride her" like a pony, and in general just put up with their shenanigans.

We found out on Friday that a spot on her foot we had been dealing with for over a month was aggressive cancer, and that we were only prolonging the inevitable. Macy had a very rough weekend, and we decided Sunday that we were going to have to put her down on Monday. She deserved better than what she was getting.

The boys wanted to take pictures with Macy of them in their Halloween costumes, since we knew she wouldn't be there.

 Macy loved her Harry Potter glasses.

 So yesterday Jeremy and I went home in the afternoon and spent time with our sweet girl. I made her a whole bowl of popcorn (her favorite snack), and for the first time she didn't have to share! It was cool and rainy, and Macy enjoyed the breeze for a little while, before it was time to go to the vet.

For 13 years, this sweet dog has been such an important part of our lives. She has been a joy, and I couldn't have asked for a better pet for our crew. Macy's final moments were with her entire family, surrounded by the people that loved her most. She was at peace, and her passing was quick and painless. I rubbed her ears and talked to her the entire time. We will forever miss her, and we are so heartbroken, but I know we will see her again one day.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Braves Fun!

So it just dawned on me that I never shared pictures from our amazing trip to go see the Braves with Jeremy's parents back in July. It was my first major league sporting event of any kind, and we had such a good time! The game was wonderful, and watching the boys make such fun memories with Papa and Gigi made it even better! Enjoy the pics!

Friday, September 11, 2015

I Will Never Forget

On September 11, 2001 I was sitting in my Children’s Media class at Auburn University. Class started at 8:00, but most of us got there around 7:30 to chitchat and compare notes on whatever assignment was due next. When class ended at 9:30 I was walking to my swimming class at the aquatics center, and a friend of mine from high school walked by me and said, “Can you believe what happened?” Of course, because I had been in class for an hour and a half, I had no clue. I will NEVER forget where I was when I heard. I was standing on the sidewalk between Jordan Hare Stadium and Haley center on Auburn’s campus.

Where were you, and what were you doing when you found out that everything in the United States had changed forever?

Now, fourteen years later, I am just sitting here thinking about how truly terrifying that day was. I made it to the aquatic center only to find out that my class had been canceled. My instructor’s sister and her sister’s fiancĂ© both worked at the North tower. She and her family had not heard from either of them (they both were fine.) Auburn University decided not to cancel classes that day. They felt that it would send the wrong message to the terrorists. Hmm. Maybe so, but all I wanted to do was sit in my room and keep my eyes glued on the TV. When I made it to my social work class that afternoon, a classmate of mine said that her dad had been in a meeting in the north tower that morning. He got done with his meeting and walked outside the building to leave. He heard something really loud, looked up, and the plane crashed right above him. 

Let’s remember the people who died fourteen years ago today and their families. I cannot even imagine the pain they feel, especially when most of the United States has moved on, and forgotten how broken we were as a nation that day. I hope that I will never face another day like that in my lifetime, but I probably will. I just wish that people would be so patriotic and proud of our country all the time, not just when disaster strikes on our soil.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!

Dear Jackson,

Today is your 9th birthday. 9 whole years! I have no clue where the time has gone, but one thing is for sure...you make my life sweeter! When we were about to welcome you into the world, I had no idea about how much you would change our lives for the better. You are delightful, and I'm so proud that I can say that you are my son.

At 9 years old, you are an absolute mess! Funny, kind, sweet, serious and sensitive, all rolled up into one. Your Dad and I often point to each other whenever you do or say something, and it totally reminds us of ourselves. Most of the time, we know exactly who you are acting like! You are in a pranking stage right now, and you've pulled a couple of good ones on your Dad and I. Better watch out! You love your family so much, and have a huge heart for Jesus. It's easy to see him living in you!

You are in 4th grade now, and are we know that you are going to do fantastic again this year. For the first time ever you will be playing baseball this fall, and we are excited to see how much you will progress as you move up into the next league. You want to be in the military when you grow up, and maybe even fly airplanes. I can't wait to see that!

Somehow it feels like I blinked, and here we are with you on your 9th birthday! You have one foot in childhood, and one foot in tweenhood, and I'm so proud of the young man you are, and can't wait to see how God will use you in the future. We are so amazingly proud of you, and love you to the moon and back. Happy Birthday, sweetie!


Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day of 4th Grade!!!

Today is Jackson's first day of 4th grade. How is that even possible? This handsome kid of ours agreed to let me pick his clothes for the first 3 days of school this year, and then after that he can pick his clothes (within reason). He had me drive him to school today, but wants to ride the bus tomorrow. No doubt about it....he's growing up!

What is your favorite subject in school? PE.

What is your favorite thing to eat for school lunch? Pizza

What did you like about Mrs. Judge's classroom? I like that I'll be sitting next to a friend from last year.

What is going to be the best thing about fourth grade? Ummmm.....not being in 3rd grade anymore?

What do you think about having homework? I don't like it, but at least Mrs. Judge says she doesn't give a lot of homework.

What is your favorite color? Green.

Are you nervous about school? A little bit.

What are you nervous about? I don't want there to be any bully's.

How many friends do you think you will have? Everybody in my class.

How many girlfriends? (Insert blank stare.) NONE. Well, maybe 1. Or not.

So that's the answers from the first day of 4th grade. I can't wait to hear about school when I see him this afternoon!

Thursday, July 30, 2015


So I've been totally remiss with posting this summer. I'm in a total bloggy funk right now, and I really don't have any excuses. Summer is almost over, and it's just been a nice break. We've taken a beach trip, and a weekend trip to Atlanta to see the Braves with Jeremy's parents, and had a blast. I'll post pics. Eventually!

School starts back in 2 weeks, and I'm ready, but Jackson isn't. Typical kid, huh? Jackson will be turning 9 (how is that even possible?) in a few weeks. He's amazingly wonderful!

Anderson has been fantastic. Growing like a weed. Adding new words to his majorly expanding vocabulary. He's so much fun!

Jeremy and I are good. Busy with work and such, but life is going along just swimmingly. Nothing exciting, just normal!

So that's life right now. I'll do better with blogging, but for now I'm enjoying this slower pace. Life is good, we are good, and I'll y'all again very soon!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beach Fun

We went to the beach the last weekend in June, and had such a good time. This was the first beach trip for Anderson where he somewhat tolerated the sand, and didn't refuse to be put down. He wasn't a huge fan of the waves, but I'll call it progress. Jackson on the other hand couldn't get enough of the waves, and had such a blast playing with his boogie board. It was wonderful relaxing with my favorite boys, and I can't wait for us to be able to put our toes back in the sand again. Enjoy the pics!

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