Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Little Weekend Vacation

Jeremy and I had been talking about taking the kids on a little weekend trip for months, and our original plans were to take them to Chattanooga. That all went out the window when we saw that Jackson had a basketball game scheduled for Saturday morning. Add in the fun surprise of me winning tickets to the Brick Fair in Birmingham, and the entire weekend was replanned for Birmingham and then Huntsville to go to the Space and Rocket Center. The Brick Fair was so cool. These lego designers have incredible imaginations and talent, and I can't believe some of the stuff they managed to pull off, with just legos. We spent a couple hours at the Brick Fair, and then headed north to Huntsville. We stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool, and the kids had a blast. Sunday morning we woke up and headed to the Space and Rocket Center. It had been since elementary school since Jeremy and I had gone, and wow, what a fun place! We explored, watched an Imax movie on space, ate lunch, and then explored some more. It was so much fun! We had such a good time with the boys, and can't wait to do another little mini vacation with them again later this spring. Enjoy the pics!

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Kay said...

Wow, y'all had an amazing weekend! Looks like that space center is way better than the one in FL. Last time we went to WDW, we took a day away from the parks to go visit, thinking it was going to be amazing. And it fell flat. I really want to go the the one in AL. Your kids are a hoot in these pics! Love the lego structures. I had a really big set when I was a kid and it had doors and windows and roof tiles and wheels and it was before themed kits. I had so much fun with it. I have no idea what happened to it. : (

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