Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekly Confessions

  • I had to change my route to work today because I didn't have the willpower to NOT stop and get a biscuit. How sad is that?
  • Jackson got his first, and what I can only hope to be his last, gun scope injury on Saturday. He has a nice cut on his eyebrow line, and he now has a black eye. He was (and is) fine. He insists that he is never going to shoot a gun with a scope again though, and that next time he goes deer hunting, he says that he is taking my pistol. No amount of reasoning with that child will work when he gets into his stubborn mode, and I couldn't convince him that the only way he could kill a deer with my pistol is if the deer was sitting just a few feet away. Funny, and stubborn, child of mine.
  • Anderson has learned the phrase, "I not talking to you, Bubba" and tells it to Jackson all the time. It is hilarious, and even Jackson gets a kick out of it.
  • Our Disney cruise is less than 250 days away, and I'm in planning mode like it is next week. I need therapy.
  • We are pretty certain that we are tacking on a day at Magic Kingdom before our cruise. I just can't get that close to Walt Disney World and not go to my favorite place. Jackson will miss 3 total days of school for this trip. Who needs school, right?
Got anything you need to confess?

Y'all have a great day! 

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