Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Our Sweet Macy

Way back in November of 2002, I had my mind set that it was time for Jeremy and I to get a dog. I went on my lunch break to the local pet store and checked out the shelter pets they had for adoption. I came across a gorgeous brown puppy with white markings and I fell in love. Since Jeremy wasn't with me, I hoped that she would still be there that afternoon when we went back together, and she was. We walked out together that day with Macy, a brown bundle of energy that we would later find out would not weigh "35-40 lb. full grown" as promised, but instead would top out at 75lbs. I still think the shelter people laughed the whole time I walked out the door.

Macy was our furbaby, and she was B-A-D to the bone. I remember the time that I took a quick nap to wake up and find that she had eaten Jeremy's brand new glasses, lenses and all. I remember her running fast as lighting when she got out of the house, countless toys being destroyed, food being eaten off the counters and snatched from your hand when you weren't looking, underwear being eaten, and hair everywhere from her shedding.

But I also remember teaching her tricks like how to shake, beg, bark on command and roll over.

I remember being pregnant with Jackson, and her insisting on sleeping in the bed with me, curled up right between my knees.

I remember bringing Jackson and Anderson home from the hospital, and her being so gentle with them.

I remember that not one time did I ever have to worry about Macy being aggressive, other than a fierce bark for the UPS man.

I remember countless times of her letting the boys lay on her, "ride her" like a pony, and in general just put up with their shenanigans.

We found out on Friday that a spot on her foot we had been dealing with for over a month was aggressive cancer, and that we were only prolonging the inevitable. Macy had a very rough weekend, and we decided Sunday that we were going to have to put her down on Monday. She deserved better than what she was getting.

The boys wanted to take pictures with Macy of them in their Halloween costumes, since we knew she wouldn't be there.

 Macy loved her Harry Potter glasses.

 So yesterday Jeremy and I went home in the afternoon and spent time with our sweet girl. I made her a whole bowl of popcorn (her favorite snack), and for the first time she didn't have to share! It was cool and rainy, and Macy enjoyed the breeze for a little while, before it was time to go to the vet.

For 13 years, this sweet dog has been such an important part of our lives. She has been a joy, and I couldn't have asked for a better pet for our crew. Macy's final moments were with her entire family, surrounded by the people that loved her most. She was at peace, and her passing was quick and painless. I rubbed her ears and talked to her the entire time. We will forever miss her, and we are so heartbroken, but I know we will see her again one day.

2 random thoughts:

Kay said...

This is perfection. So sweet and so sad at the same time. Hugs, friend! : )

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking. We lost our golden to cancer last year. I know the pain is great. Your children are sweet.

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