Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh Baby!

We have entered Jackson into a cute baby contest through our local paper, the Montgomery Advertiser as part of a fundraiser for a non-profit education organization. You can vote for free once a day or you can make a donation and vote as many times as you like during the contest, which will run through October. To go vote for Jackson, go to

Bookmark the page so you can visit daily, even if you are using the free votes.

If you are voting for free, scroll down the page and find the “Free Vote” option. Then enter “Jackson W1.” You can do this once a day. If you want to donate money go to the same website and click on the “J” gallery. Jackson is listed on the first page and is the 5th picture you will see. I hope you will all go out and give lots of votes for Jackson. If he places in the top 150 kids, he will get his picture on a calendar. You know this kid deserves to be a calendar baby so Rock the Vote!!!

1 random thoughts:

Jenny P said...

I just cast my vote...I'm sure he will win!! He's just too cute not to!

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