Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did you know???

Jeremy, as reported yesterday, has had a very sore throat for a few days now. He had been on an antibiotic since his cabbage cutting incident almost 2 weeks ago. When he went to go get his stitches removed, he had the nice nurse do a throat swab to see if he had strep throat. It was negative. That was Saturday. The nurse assured him that his antibiotic, Keflex, would cover him if he had been exposed to my strep.

Well, did you know that Keflex can make a positive strep test show up as negative. Jeremy's Dad and I convinced Jeremy to go to Pri-Med last night because he was still so sick. After waiting almost 4 hours...diagnosis...Strep Throat. Shocker there!!! The doctor knew that the test turned out negative, but he said that there was no doubt, based on looking at Jeremy's throat that he had strep. Jeremy just knew that I was going to have a big "I told you so" when he got home. I did...but I tried not to make him feel too bad.

So, consider yourself warned...Keflex=false negative for strep test.

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