Monday, November 05, 2007

Just another Manic Monday (ohh ohhh)

Hey everyone. It is so nice to be back among the living. Jackson and I are doing great. Jeremy…not so good. He has a really sore throat (no strep), and a bad cough. Hopefully he will be back to his normal self in a few days. We had a super busy weekend once again. I went back to the Dr. on Friday afternoon and he gave me a steroid shot (those things are miracles)!!! I was feeling better in a few hours. Then, when I got home, sitting in our mailbox was our end-of-the year Christmas check from my work. All I can say is WHOO-HOO. Merry Christmas to us!!!

On Saturday, Jackson and I cleaned up the living room and kitchen and I did a major reorganization of Jackson’s toys. I bagged 1 full garbage bag FULL of toys that he no longer plays with. Staying organized with Hurricane Jackson around is no easy feat. He can destroy a room in no time, but so far, we have done really good at keeping things where they need to go. Saturday afternoon Jackson and I went to Miss Gracie’s 2nd Birthday party and had a really good time. Gracie is so stinking cute! Then, it was over to my parent’s house to have chili. It was so yummy!

Yesterday, Jason, Kellyn, my Dad, Jackson, and I all went to Frazer Memorial to be part of their All Saints Day. They displayed photos of Frazer members that had died during the previous year, and our Aunt Frances’s picture was shown. It was really nice.

New things from Jackson:
1. Giving kisses on command. He is going to be such a ladies man. Sigh. I am so not ready for that!
2. Saying “cold”. It really comes out like “kooh” but you can tell what he means. He loves our “kooh” ice cream.
3. Reading. He LOVES his books. He is perfectly content picking up his books and sitting there looking at all the pictures.

I will post some pictures of Jackson as Superman from Halloween, along with our yearly pumpkin pics. Have a great day!

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