Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The aftermath...

I was able to get into Mom and Dad's neighborhood yesterday after Jackson's doctor's appointment, and I was shocked. It is devastated. They have determined that it was an EF3 tornado that hit the area, with winds between 140-150 miles an hour and 1/4 of a mile wide. The tornado was actually caught on surveillance camera. It was enormous!! I have never in my life seen such destruction up close, and to have it literally so close to home. There are piles of debris that are at least 10 feet high one after another. Unbelievable...

Here are a few photos of the damage that I was able to take.

One of the streets in the neighborhood

The side of Leslie and Mike's house

The triangle above is actually a complete roof sitting on Leslie's pool

Another shot of the roof

Noah's toys in the backyard

Leslie and Mike's backyard

A tree outside Leslie's house

Random house with the entire roof gone

Yet another house with no roof

Yet another...

More debris in the yard

Utility lines outside of Walmart

Walmart parking lot

Please continue praying for the folks affected by this storm in Prattville, and all over the Southeast. The damage will take a long time to repair, and they are going to need ALOT of prayers. Thanks ya'll.

3 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

Oh my gosh! The damage is so bad! I'm so shocked that no one was badly injured! That is a miracle!! I'm still praying for everyone!

Jenny Parks said...

I can't believe this is our old neighborhood!! Thank God nobody in your family was hurt and that your parents didn't get any damage. Judging from your pictures they are extremely fortunate! I am praying for everyone else. How awful!

The Jones' said...

I know the pictures do not do the damage justice. Even though now I live back where I grew up, Prattville is one of my homes. So dear to my heart and I just about cry every time I see the pictures. I too am so grateful everyone is okay.

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