Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let's try this again shall we...

We have been trying to get Jackson to begin drinking from a regular cup. My sister Kellyn's mother-in-law Jeanette, taught her granddaughter to drink from a cup by offering her some REALLY cold water, and it only took a few minutes for her to realize what happens when you tip the cup over too far. Jackson asked for some water the other day and we decided to try it with him. These are the results:



In the second video you can see him signing the word for "more" and "please." These have been so great for him to learn. We are also working on "thank you" right now. His teachers at school have really done a good job with this.

I promise Jackson was okay from the water. His clothes were soaked when we were finished, and my floor was covered in water. So for right now, I think we are just going to slowly keep trying. I keep telling myself that by the time he graduates from high school we should be finished with the paci and he should be able to drink from a cup. Right? Let's hope so. Potty training...Puh-lease. Who needs that...

1 random thoughts:

Miranda said...

I am going to report you guys to DHR for forcing your poor little boy to pour water on himself!!!
(okay, totally kidding).
I promise it will come in time...and at 2 years old, Gracie is only allowed to drink from an open cup when she is seated at the table for dinner. We use sippy cups otherwise. And she still has accidents! Usually it's because she is slurping from the cup and gets choked, or she turns it up too fast.

But yes, as long as he is off the pacifier by his senior year of HS he should be developmentally okay. But for his own sake, make sure he can drink from a regular cup before his first day of college!!

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