Friday, March 14, 2008

19 months old!!

Hey ya'll. I promised updates on little man, so here goes. Today is Jackson's 19 month b'day. I can't believe that we are quickly approaching 2 years old. Time has really flown by!!!

Here is what's new with Jackson
  • He is now getting in trouble at school for kissing Kaitlynn. You may remember that Kaitlynn is the little girl that is always biting him. is love at first bite :) They have to give each other at least 2 hugs before I can take him home in the afternoon. They are a mess and just smile at each other. He calls her Kate Kate. Future daughter-in-law????
  • Jackson has mastered the word "NO", and he will now contemplate your question before giving you a "No" as the answer. Always. No matter what you ask him. For instance:

Me: "Jackson, do you want some goldfish?"

Jackson: (picture a slight head tilt as he ponders what you are asking...head comes back upright, and he promptly says) "no."

  • Jackson's favorite words are: truck, car, no, shoes, Dadddddyyyyyy, Maaaammmmaaaa, and he now calls Macy "My Mace". He calls Kellyn 'Kay Kay' which we love because that was what my Grandpa was called by my cousin Brandi. I definitely love that little family tie in.
  • He is VERY good at baby sign for more, eat, milk, please, and we are working on thank you.
  • He has learned to say "tee-tee" when he pottys in his diaper. Potty training soon? Maybe in the near future!!!

He is doing tons of fun stuff daily, and has developed such a cute personality. I am so in love with this kid!!

P.S. If you are in the family, or a close friend, mark on your calendar for his 2nd B'day party on August 9th. That way I can go ahead and claim the date. Thanks!

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P.S. Jackson is too cute!!

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