Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pics

Here our our Easter pictures from this weekend. We had a wonderful time. It just so happened that both Jeremy and I were off on Friday so we got to spend it together. What a rare treat!! Usually one of us is at work, when the other is off, so it was nice to spend the day with Jeremy and Jackson. Saturday, we went to church for an Easter Egg hunt, and I was so proud to say that Jackson got the Golden Egg!! (I found it and put it into his basket, but that is a secret between you and me!). Then Saturday night I made bbq and the family came over. We watched Bee Movie again, which is so stinking funny.

Sunday, we went to church and had a good time, except that I got the dreaded motion to come back to the nursery during the service. It seems that Jackson was pitching such a fit that they couldn't get him to calm down. He even went and put his nose into a corner and just sobbed. That is when they came and got me, and wouldn't you know it..he just needed his Mama. He was fine when I got there, so I stayed for the rest of church. When church was done, we headed over to Mom and Dad's for lunch with my family. We had tons of food, and lots of good company, so it was great. After Jackson took his nap, we headed home. It was a perfect afternoon until Jackson stuck his finger so far up Jeremy's nose that it started bleeding. Other than that little mishap, it was a great day and a terrific weekend. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

The hunt begins

Jackson was so much more interested in the toys than the eggs!

KK and Jackson just chillin...

This kid is so cool, he's hot!

Little House on the Playground (with Jace and KK in the background)

Could I be any paler? I think not. I'm going for the albino look this year.

Just a swinging

Jace and "Ta-Ta" on the hill (Jackson just can't get Grandpa out yet, but he is trying his hardest for "Tom")

Jeremy and Jackson on the hill

What Easter is all about....riding your bike after church.

Just the 3 of us after church.

Ta-Ta, Nana, and Jackson

Jackson and me playing with the camera. I had put it onto the TV and he was mesmorized.

Watching himself on TV

Thats all folks......Have a great Monday!

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