Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So here's what I'm thinking...

1. How can Tuesday be so long? I would almost think it is a Monday if I didn't know better.

2. Do we seriously have to listen to all this political mud slinging until November? How about we move the election up to June and be done with all this political mess.

3. How funny is it that Mrs. Clinton got busted for her sniper claims. If you are going to make something up, make sure that CBS anchors and cameramen aren't following along on your trip, and can prove you wrong. The scariest part: this is how she actually remembered her trip. My oh my, she is one good liar. I can't help but wonder what else she has made up. I predict we will find out more "Mistakes" as the election gets closer.

4. How can one cute little boy (namely Jackson) scream so loud in the middle of the night, and for so long? Or is it that it just sounds louder because it is 2:00 in the morning? One of those eternal questions that will probably never have an answer.

5. Who else besides me is loving Marlee Matlin on Dancing with the Stars? She is fabulous. I also love Kristi Yamaguchi. They are both terrific, and I think they are both going to go far in this competition.

I guess that's all my thoughts for today. I hope you have a good afternoon. I'll have a new WFMW tip tomorrow that I know you will be on the edge of your seat for. Stay tuned...

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