Monday, March 31, 2008

What to do with all this stuff?

So we had a completely normal weekend here at the Wade's. The weather was a little sketchy on Saturday, but then it cleared up and Jackson and I spent the afternoon playing. After church yesterday, I finally tackled Jackson's dresser. It was a MESS. Any parent out there knows what I mean when I say that kids outgrow their clothes way too fast. And then, after they are outgrown, I run out of places to move them to. So I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning out his drawers. I won't even show you a "before" picture because it is way too embarrassing. I just want to show you a few "after" shots to brag on all my hard work. I have also offically threatened Jeremy within an inch of his life if he messes up these drawers. When all was said and done, I had a huge stack of clothes that he has outgrown, and everthing was back in the new/correct drawer. I tend to be a little OCD, so take the word "correct" at face value.

I also officially put away his bibs and burp clothes yesterday and organized his changing table. I have to say, I was quite sad putting them away because it means that he is no longer a "baby." He's my big boy now, and that is hard to think about. My one shameful secret...everything that he has outgrown has gone into trash bags or old pampers boxes...and stayed there for going on 20 months. I have yet to invest in some sturdy storage bins to move everything into the attic. But never despair, Jeremy is going to get me some bins tomorrow, and everything is headed up to the attic organized in 6 month stretches. I then plan on putting a toy box into his closet to help alleviate the disaster area that has become my living room when Hurricane Jackson rolls into town. Enjoy the pics.

This is how he insisted on running around yesterday afternoon. Shirt, diaper, shoes and socks. Priceless!!!

Helping me clean his room by riding his "GGRRRRR"

Hiding in his closet. He will stand in there, not moving a muscle, until you come "get" him.

Check out that sweet face...

The changing table after my organization. Doesn't it look great!

The "shirt" drawer

The "shorts/pajamas" drawer

The "pants" drawer

My little secret, that is now, not-so-secret...

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Mom said...

The drawers look great ... how 'bout you come on over and tackle my closet!!!

Love, Mom

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