Friday, April 04, 2008

3 important blogs to check out

Through various methods of blogstalking, I have found 3 blogs that I really felt like I needed to share.

The first is Bring the Rain. It is the blog of Angie Smith, wife of Todd Smith (of the Christian band, Selah) and is about their unborn daughter, Audrey Caroline. She will be born on Monday, and they have known since Angie was 20 weeks pregnant that Audrey will not make it once she is born. The blog began in January, and has been about sharing their journey of loving Audrey as as much as possible while they still have her with them. Please lift the entire Smith family up in your prayers, and check out their blog if you have a chance. Their faith and unwavering love of God will bless you.

The second one is Adopting William. It is about a family that is trying to adopt a special needs child, William, from Liberia. It has been quite a journey for the family, and is being expediated because of William's severe health problems.

The last one is Confessions of a CF Husband and is about a husband, Nathan, whose wife Tricia has cystic fibrosis. They also have a daughter named Gwyneth, who was born 15 weeks early. Tricia just got a new set of lungs 2 days ago, and is still recovering. Please be in prayer that everything continues going good, and that her body continues to accept the new lungs.

Please go check both these blogs out, and especially remember the Smith family and Tricia in your prayers. I know these are not "Happy" blogs, but they have all really touched me. Have a great weekend!

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