Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of the $25 Regal Cinemas giftcard is.....Jenna whose said that choosing a favorite movie like choosing a favorite child... SOME of her favorites include: Clue (it's just funny with GREAT performances) Clerks (it's crass and vulgar but you can see real love of what they were doing) Sophie's Choice (I cry EVERY time)And a new movie... Evening (it is a great woman bonding movie, and even my husband enjoyed it... a great story about not regretting the choices you make. I HIGHLY recommend it).

Congrats Jenna!!! I hope you have a great time at the movies.

And as for my friend Jenny who posted that her favorite movie was the Little Mermaid, and she and a "friend" would watch it about 20 times a day, I totally remember those days, and every word of that movie. Those were the best days!

1 random thoughts:

Jenny said...

It seems like an eternity ago doesn't it!! I watch it with my girls and it soooo reminds me of when we were litte. We had some fun times!!

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