Thursday, April 17, 2008

CWE (Church Weekday Education)

So we finally have the books ready to print for my CWE conference coming up in May. I have said that it is a big conference, but did I mention that it is HUGE. We have 500 people registered right now, and are preparing for 560 people to be there. The books that we have printing have 257 pages each! For all you tree-huggers out there that adds up to over 14,000 pieces of paper. Holy Cow!!! We have an awesome printer downstairs, but even with it, 100 copies of the books will take 7 hours to be printed because they are so detailed. The picture on the left is our logo that the guys in our communications office designed. Doesn't it look good. We are offering 128 classes during 12 sessions, so it has really been alot to put together, but it has taught me alot about event planning. After this, Jackson's b'day party should be a breeze! This conference is so big it takes 6 months to put together, and I am thanking God that it only comes once a year!!!

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