Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Soup for You!

I would like to give a huge thanks to Lyndsey for her suggestion to try a juice box to help get Jackson to drink out of a straw. Our little monkey had been chewing our straws to bits, but her suggestion of trying a juice box worked perfect. Jackson is now a master with his juice boxes, but we haven't had a chance to try with a real straw. I think/hope it will go smoothly from here. Thanks Lyndsey!!

In other news, Jackson has added tons of new words to his vocabulary. Just yesterday, before heading to work, he really surprised us.

Me: (to Jeremy as he was changing a ridiculously dirty diaper): "Jeremy, what are you having for lunch?"

Jeremy: "Soup."

Jackson: "Soup." "Soup." "I like soup."

Me (to Jeremy in shock): "Did he just say he likes soup? Since when is he saying 3 word sentences?"

Jeremy: "No idea, but I heard it too."

Me (to Jackson): "Do you like soup?"

Jackson: "Nooooooooo."

Guess what we had for supper last night? You got it...Soup. I couldn't resist! And you know what, he loved my soup!

Other words: Turtle, rabbit, shoe, sock, milk, bath, water, cup, phish, no, yes, up, book, please, more, dank (as in thank-you), Mace, dog, cow, duck, truck, and tons more that I can't even come up with now. He is also saying please, more, eat, and thank you in baby sign. We are so proud of our little man. I will post a couple of new videos tomorrow, but I gotta run for now. Have a great afternoon!

2 random thoughts:

McCrory Family said...

WOO HOO! So glad the juice box suggestion worked! Way to go Jackson! Oh, and I love your new header...super cute! :)

The Jones' said...

Jackson is too cute. The video of him laughing at Jeremy (with Jackson in the highchair) is priceless. Love "Wade's World" and love reading your stories. Tell everyone hi!

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