Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So here's what I'm thinking....

I'm gonna have to pull bullet format, because let's face, I have things to do, and messages to spread. First things first.

  • The end of an era has begun....We have decided to limit Jackson's paci time to nap time and bed time only. My Dad has joked with me for over 8 months now about how I was going to take his paci away when he hit one year. We are now pushing 21 months and he is still going strong with it. Last night, we began the standoff. Jackson's paci now has to stay in his bed, and when he wants to use it, he has to go sit in his crib. I'm such a meanie. Seriously though, he is getting this weird chapped lip thing from his paci, and it is just time for it to go. So, last night after bath time, Jackson's paci was taking a "nap" in his bed and he was practically begging for it. Have you ever tried to explain something to a toddler. It is IMPOSSIBLE. So after 20 minutes of crying that sounded truly pathetic, he agreed to go night night to go visit his paci. Here is what his Jackson's bedtime prayer sounded like:

Jeremy: "Dear God, we thank you for Jackson..."

Jackson: (interrupting Jeremy): NOOOOOOOOOOO

Jeremy: "Please help him sleep good tonight."

Jackson: (interrupting Jeremy): NOOOOOOOOOOO

I won't bore you with the rest. It pretty much sounded like that the entire time. It was hilarious though! Jackson can be a pistol when he wants something, and unfortunately for him, so can I. He did really good this morning though without it, so we'll see how this goes.

  • I was driving this morning on my way to work and stopped at a traffic light. I looked out my window and there sat a brand new city school bus right next to me. Guess what...the driver was smoking...in a SCHOOL BUS! I do believe he has lost his mind. That breaks like a million rules, and I am such a tattletale that I got the bus number and called the BOE this morning to report him. I don't care if there were kids on that bus or not, he has no business making that bus (city property) smell like an ashtray. Ugh.

  • Has anyone else noticed that more often than not, when you try to pay at the pump when you are filling up your car, that the gas pumps don't give you a receipt anymore and you have to go inside and get it. Um. Helllooooo. I am paying at the pump for a reason. It means that I do NOT want to go inside. Get it straight people!!!! There is one station here in town that NEVER has receipt paper in the pump. It burns me up. When I commented on this to the cashier, her response was, "I don't know how to work those things." Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are getting paid to work at a gas station right? Shouldn't knowing how to work the pumps be part of your orientation process. Just a thought....

Miley Cyrus. What can I say? A photo session with Annie Leibovitz should have thrown up red flags. Word to the wise...when a photographer asks your 15 year old daughter to take off her top and pose with just a sheet strategically covering her up, the answer is always no. NO. NO. NO. I would probably throw in a "over my dead body" for extra effect. I'm not gonna post that picture because it just looks like jail bait for a 15 year old to be posing so provocatively. You've probably already seen it anyway. If you haven't, save yourself the heartache. Also, the photos that include her dad, Mr. Achy Breaky Heart himself, Billy Ray, seem a tad bit inappropriate for a father/daughter duo to take together. Ick. Just my humble opinion in case anyone cares. I know you do.

I guess that's all. Sorry for the randomness. Have a great Tuesday, and I will post some pictures later of little man. Bye ya'll!

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