Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures of my sweet little monkey!

So I made spaghetti for supper this weekend and I thought the pictures turned out really cute and share worthy. So here goes.

Jackson looks like he has a beard from his spaghetti

Isn't he sweet!
For some reason he feels the need to share all his food with Macy.
You can imagine the joy this brings to my life.

In true southern fashion, this is how we decided to clean him off.
No seriously, the high chair was a mess after eating, and as I was cleaning it, Jackson discovered the joy of a water hose on a warm day. He had a blast!

Jackson and Tata at the zoo

A Bengel tiger that was swimming. He was checking out some birds on the other side of his fence.
This kid has me wrapped around his finger!

Checking out monkey island

The Moore/Gibson side of the family
The END!

1 random thoughts:

The Jones' said...

I have always thought Jackson looks so much like Jeremy but the picture under the tiger looks so much like you! He is a real cutie! Love the spaghetti pics. They are priceless!

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