Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is it Wednesday already???

Hey Ya’ll. Long time no blog. Things have been crazy busy with our family. We had the Wade’s come in for the weekend, and Jackson had a great time with them. They were helping Amy move into her new apartment in Auburn. It is such a cute apartment. I cannot believe that the wedding is next weekend! I am so excited. I have my dress ready, shoes, ready, and now I just need to figure out what needs to be done with my hair. Jackson got his hair cut yesterday for the big day and he is so handsome. He was handsome before the haircut, but you know what I mean.
Anyways, so this will be so short, because the wedding is the weekend following our churches Vacation Bible School and I am super busy, and am slowing losing my mind trying to do remember to do so many things at once. My sister and I are teaching 3rd and 4th grade and as some of you know, if you have Moore as part of your last name, you MUST go all out for VBS. It's the law! Gone are the days when you put a couple pictures up on the wall and call it a day. That's not gonna happen with the Moore's! So far our room has an airplane (or an a-pane as Jackson calls it) 5 surfboards, a windsurfer and 2 beach scenes painted on the wall. We still have one wall to go, and this thing starts Sunday afternoon. Good Grief!!!
Have a great Wednesday and I will catch up with you later. Bye ya’ll!!!
Jackson with his new haircut!

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