Friday, May 16, 2008

T minus 3 hours and counting.....

I am so stinking excited. My best friend Allison is due to make her appearance in P'ville in just a few hours!!! Yeah!!! I haven't seen her since March of last year, and I can't wait to meet her newest (and last) son, Eli. I have known Allison since I was 4, and she was 2, so we grew up practically like sisters. She has lived in Salt Lake City since she got married, and when her husband Jason got shipped out to go to Turkey, she moved to Denver to be closer to her parents. She is an amazing mother! She has 3 kids, her oldest, Chase, just turned 4, Zach will be 3 in November, and Eli was just born a few months ago. She has been rocking it as a Mom/Dad to her kids since Jason got shipped out, and I am so happy for her that he is back for a visit. I know she really missed him. Tonight we are going to a baseball game with A and J and tomorrow is Allison's B'day. Happy Birthday girl! I love Allison so much and can't wait to see her. I wish the day would hurry up!!
In other news, tomorrow we get Jackson's 21 month pictures done. Pray for us. We need it desperately during photo sessions. At least they are only 30 minutes long.
Oh, and do you like my new header? I took Lyndsey's advice and visited to make it. I am addicted!! It was so much fun, and super easy. I hope you enjoy it. Leave me some love! Take care and see ya on Monday!

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