Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Family is everything!!

We went down to visit my grandmother this weekend. She is in a nursing home, and I haven't seen her in awhile. So, Jackson, Nana, KK, and I went down to visit and had a blast. My Aunt Nett (Annette) picked her up and took her back to her house and we had a wonderful visit with Nanny, Aunt Nett, Uncle Mike, my cousin Cherie, and her sweet kids Faith and Gage. We had a blast! Aunt Nett has a really nice motorcycle and she took me and Mom for a ride, and Jackson even got to go for a ride in the backyard. He loved it! It was so nice seeing everyone, and the boys had such a good time playing with each other.

Jackson and Nanny
Faith, Jackson, and Gage
Jackson and Gage riding their horsies
Aunt Nett and Jackson
Gage and Jackson hugging (Aren't they cute!)
Jackson running down the driveway from Gage. He almost ate asphalt doing this.
The 2nd cousins
Aunt Nett and Mom about to go for a ride
Sweet Sisters!
Jackson with the helmet on.

Nana and Jackson on the motorcycle

Solo ride
Aunt Nett and Jackson riding

Mom about to go ride. She was so funny that I just had to post this. Love you Mom!

Jackson going for a ride in the backyard with Aunt Nett.

3 random thoughts:

CHELLE said...

Okay, is that your mom at the end of the 1st video going Oh my God???

too funny!!!

The Wade's said...

Yes, that would be my Mom. Isn't that funny!

Kellyn said...

Seeing it in person was even more hilarious!!!

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