Monday, August 11, 2008

Jackson's Birthday Party

We had Jackson's construction themed birthday party this weekend, and it was great! I did get the cake, tons of friends and family came, and I think our house has imploded from all the toys Jackson got. I decided to do cake and ice cream, chips and dip, and because it was a construction theme, I made Dirt dessert that was served in a sand pail with a shovel. I had worms coming out of the dirt. It was pretty cute, and tasted good too!

We had a blast! Jackson wanted to spend the majority of the party outside, which was pretty funny (and not about to happen), and he really had no interest in opening the presents. He was too busy playing with the trucks at Nana's house. Some of the other kids that came ended up opening some of the presents, which I thought was hilarious. As soon as he would see a new present opened he would say, "Take it out" meaning for one of us to take it out of the package. Then he would run off to the newest toy. That was pretty funny. Also, when we would tell him to say thank you to the person whose gift he had just opened, he would take the gift back to them and say, "here you go." He's so sweet!

After we ate, and the presents were opened, we headed to the back yard where the older kids, Bella Hope, Gracie, and Jackson played in the sand box. Then they decided to put their feet in the pool. Jackson ended up getting stripped down to his diaper, and the girls both sat down on the steps of the pool. Gracie finally just ended up swimming with my Dad. We had a great day, and were so happy with everything!

Enjoy the pictures (there's only about a million of them!)

The decorated table

The Birthday Cake
What construction themed party would be complete without hardhats for the kiddo's???
Jackson's hat. The sides said, "The Boss" and "Foreman"

Dirt and Worms

Jackson riding his bike before the party started.

T.R., Kasey, and little Kloe

Kellyn was my official photographer and she commandeered my camera long enough for some self photos with Dad.
I'm sure I'm gonna hear it for this one :)
Singing the Happy Birthday song to Jackson. He was a little confused by the whole thing...

Blowing out his candle!
Jackson feeding Daddy some cake

I LOVE the fact that my Grandparent's smiling faces are in the background of this picture. They were never able to meet Jackson (he was the first great grandchild on that side of the family), but I know they are still with us in spirit...

Miss Bella Hope playing around

The Wade family

Miranda and Gracie

Jackson REALLY wanted to go outside

Jackson with his new Jackhammer which he loves!

Jackson with his dump truck from Kloe

Jackson and his bubble mower

Jackson and Gracie in the pool

Jackson, Bella Hope, and Gracie

Just the three of us...

Me and Jer

KK and Jackson

Gracie and Jackson Jackson taking Daddy his the pool!

Gracie swimming
The Moore family

The Wade family

Me and little man
Making a pouty face for no reason at all

Jackson playing "tickle tickle."

Our little monkey

Jackson wearing his Mr. Potato head glasses

Argh. I have had alot of fun with this toy...

4 random thoughts:

Mom said...

The picture with Jeremy and Jackson with Granny Betsy and Grandpa looking on is absolutely PRICELESS!!!

Graham Shenanigans said...

These pics are great!! Sounds like yall had a great time! I still have his boxer set I keep forgetting to give to you! Maybe this sunday!

Jennifer said...

It looks like everyone had a great time, most of all Jackson! Thanks for sharing... and super job on the decorations.

The Jones' said...

I love all of the pictures. It is so hard for me to believe Jackson is 2! And all of those "babies" are just growing too fast. Looked like a really fun party. You did a great job!

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