Monday, August 04, 2008

Toot Toot!!

Jackson and I had to go to Walgreen’s last night to get some itch cream and oatmeal bath for him. They were packed, and as we were standing in line to pay we had about 4 people in front of us, and about 10 people behind us. I had to stand in line holding Jackson because he wanted to run off and out the automatic doors. So there I was balancing a toddler, my purse, and 2 odd shaped boxes in my arms when my precious little boy decided that it was the perfect time to poot. Loudly. And laugh hysterically about it. I tried to laugh it off to myself and somewhat ignore it.

Jackson had other plans.

He decides once again to poot, this time even louder than the first time. And this time the smell was awful, and I knew that everyone had heard it. Jackson picked that exact time to yell out to everyone within earshot, “Mommy pooted!”

Um. No. But thanks for sharing kiddo…

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Jennifer said...

That is hilarious! Sounds just like something a little boy would get a kick out of doing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I love finding new mom blogs, especially when the moms are as funny as you!

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