Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rick and Bubba

So we had our Golden Ticket seats and we had a blast! Rick and Bubba are so nice and they are totally as "real" as they seem on the air. So here's our weekend (and Monday) in bullet format because I have so much to talk about. Here goes...
  • Jeremy and I got to Birmingham late Sunday night and after checking into our hotel, we went to Kobe, a Japanese steak place on 280. I love Japanese food, and because Jeremy and I are just a "party of 2" we always get stuck sitting on the end of the table. We were across another two-some and we waited for about 15 minutes before they brought anyone else to our table. Lucky us. We were seated next to 3 sushi eating, Saki drinking, green loving, conservative hating liberals who felt like the entire table needed and/or cared what they were talking about the entire time. I just about came unglued when they started mocking Sarah Palin and her experience and then started saying that since Obama was after all, a community organizer, that he was more qualified to hold a political office. Lucky for them, and for Jeremy, I kept my mouth shut. I'm way smarter than them, and I really just didn't have it in my heart to embarrass the poor smucks. They had already embarrassed themselves enough.

  • We got up early Monday morning and headed to the studio. It is in a shopping center in Vestavia Hills. Had it not been for the nice lady at Publix who pointed us in the right direction when we finally stopped for directions, I doubt if we would have found it. The studio is upstairs and has a huge glassed in front so people passing by can look in. We later found out that it is 2 layers of glass, with the inside layer being a $40,000 wall of bullet proof glass. Bubba told us that it wasn't for them that it was bullet proof, it was more for any celebrities that they have in studio. Apparently, they don't like the exposure a wall of windows offers, so the bullet proof glass makes them feel better. Bubba actually played tennis against the glass during several of the commercial breaks. He also juggled a little bit. He was my favorite of the two of them.

  • The guys are totally normal. I don't know what I expected, but they were super friendly and came over and talked to us quite a bit. Rick even played drums during one of the breaks. I got it on video, and he is really good. It was interesting to see how little of the show is planned ahead. They usually figure out during the commercials what they are going to talk about for the next segment. My type "A" personality would have to change that a tad.

If you are a fan of "Rick and Bubba" I would highly recommend getting Golden Ticket seats. You will not be disappointed!

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