Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One major crisis averted, only to turn around and walk right into a mini-crisis of sorts

For me trying to get into my house around 5:00 after work with a squirmy preschooler in tow, the mail, his backpack, lunch box, my purse, and whatever else I happen to have with me is very similar to how it would be if you were trying to herd cats. It is always an adventure, and you are never really sure if you aren't going to get your eyes scratched out in the process. By that time of the evening I am tired, I have to potty really bad, and my feet are killing me. It's always a mad dash to get out of my work clothes, and into something that is actually comfortable.

I made it into our house yesterday with no real problems, and I headed back to my bedroom to get changed from my work clothes. Jackson was hanging out in my room and from my bathroom and closet I hear him rustling around getting into something. I decided to poke my head into my room to see what he was up to, and I spotted him standing on this giraffe thingy in my room and checking out stuff on my dresser. It didn't concern me much, and I headed back into my bathroom to finish getting changed. As I walked away, I heard Jackson mumbling something. Not being able to hear him, I called back him and said, "What did you say?" Jackson said, "I found my lotion." Y'all, we don't usually keep Jackson's lotion on my dresser so I immediately turned tail and walked back into my room to find out what he had gotten his hands on. Imagine my shock when I spotted Jackson holding this...

That would be super glue. Can't you just hear my acceptance speech as "Mother of the Year" award had he gotten the lid off the tube. I can also hear me trying to explain the situation to Jeremy. It would have been priceless!

Once I got the superglue out of his hands I convinced him to come into the bathroom area with me. Jackson scaled the side of my garden tub and started to play with some of his tub toys. Imagine my delight when Jackson picked up a watering can that just happened to be completely full of ice cold water from the night before and proceeded to dump it all over himself. You should have seen his face! I couldn't help but laugh as I did what any blogging mama would do: run to get my camera. I just couldn't pass it up! Y'all, the kid was saturated from his chest down. By the time I made it back with the camera, he had already gotten one of his water logged shoes off, but he was willing to ham it up for a minute so I could get his picture. I literally had to pour water out of his shoes and wring his jeans out.

Jackson is such a mess! I was telling Miranda about it last night and she was shocked that he could think of so many things to get into. I swear it's a boy thing! He is always looking for his next adventure, and I can only imagine what he's gonna come up with next. At least I know that he will always keep me entertained and on my toes. Stay tuned!!

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Kellyn said...

You didn't tell me the second story last night! That's too funny. He has a way of always finding something to get into, what a boy! Happy Thanksgiving and I love you!!!

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