Monday, November 17, 2008

Sssshhhhh! Can you keep a secret?

Santa may or may not have dropped by our house early, and he may or may not have left this.

It may or may not have come in a box with a million pieces to assemble, and it may or may not have taken close to 3 hours to put the whole thing together.

The loot may or may not be hiding in the bathtub of our guest bathroom behind the shower curtain.

It may or may not be the cutest gender neutral itchenkay that ever was.

Santa and Mrs. Claus may or may not be overjoyed that they didn't make a huge mistake and wait until Christmas Eve to try to put the thing together.

Now we just have to keep this little secret between you and me!

3 random thoughts:

The Sapersteins said...

that is so cute, and cheap! I may have to look into getting that also....everyone i've seen is 100+ dollars.

Kellyn said...

I like it...does he have the fake food and kitchen stuff to go with it? Oh, we got his gift already...hope he (and you) like it!! We tried not to be too mean to you because that payback thing can be bad! Love ya!!

CHELLE said...

wait can i come play too????

That is my favorite thing to do when i have Nursery Duty at the Church...

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