Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like Mother....Like Son

I have had this teeny, tiny thing called hypochondria for practically my whole life. Ask my Mom. I am 28 years old and I do not (cannot) read the pamphlet of information that comes with prescriptions medication because I will give myself the symptoms. Every.Single.Time. Anytime I had to write a paper in school on any illness for a research paper or whatnot, I would mysteriously come down with the symptoms. Like the time I was about 12 and had to do a paper on diabetes: I knew that my great-grandmother had diabetes, and that there is a genetic predisposition to the disease. Then I read the symptoms...*(dum, dum, dum)*

Frequent urination-Check
Excessive thirst-Check
Extreme hunger -Check
Unusual weight loss-Um. Not so much.
Increased fatigue-Why of course...
Irritability-Now that you ask..
Blurry vision-If my eyes were squinted then yes...I had blurry vision.

It was official. I had diabetes. I was so convinced that I even made my Mom take me to the doctor.

I didn't have diabetes. I still don't....yet.

I think Jackson has inherited hypochondria from me...

His newest thing is that he will tell me that he needs to go to the doctor. His doctor's name is Dr. Diebel. He recently saw part of the movie Dr. Doolittle on TV, and now he thinks that all doctors are named Dr. Doodle. It's rather funny.

So yesterday we are on our way home from school yesterday. He says:

Jackson: "I'm not feeling very good. I need to go see Dr. Doodle."
Me: "You're not? What's wrong?"
Jackson: "My tummy hurts....my head hurts...I have a little cough. (insert fake coughing sound here)"
Me: "I'm sorry. Do you want some medicine."
Jackson: "No. My knee hurts.....and my chin....and my finger...and my cheek."
Me: "Do you need to go see the doctor."
Jackson: "No, I don't want to get a shot in my booty. I feel better now."

End of discussion. Jackson miraculously felt better after he determined that there was a possibility of a shot in his booty.

It's amazing at what the fear of a needle can do for you :)

3 random thoughts:

Mom said...

You are so funny!!! Once again, you need to write a book.

Kellyn said...

So funny...but I think I recall more incidents when you got to college and took some psychology classes and some other class...you were calling every week with a new symptom!

Jenny said...

OMG Amy...you are hilarious! You have me laughing out loud on a regular basis. I'm with your Mom, you should really write a book!

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