Monday, February 23, 2009

Let's Go Fly A Kite

We went to Jeremy's parent house this weekend and had a great time. Lots of quality time with Gigi, Papa, and Uncle Ben. The drive should have taken about 4 hours each way, but ended up taking over 5 because we kept having to stop on the side of the road for Jackson to go potty. Gotta love potty training!!! Nothing says high class like letting your preschool son pee on your tires! Seriously though, Jackson is doing awesome with his potty training. I don't think he went a single pull-up all weekend long! Even more exciting, we traveled without a single "dat" and I'm gonna go ahead and call it that we are done with pacifiers! I would like to thank all 11 of you that voted in support of us. We appreciated every single vote of confidence!

Saturday afternoon we went with Jeremy's parents and brother, Ben, and took Jackson out to the pasture and pond and played for awhile. We flew a kite with Jackson for the first time, and Jackson even got to help me fish for a few minutes. He lost interest in both quickly, but it was fun. I hope you enjoy some pictures.
Gigi and Jackson about to fly the kite.
Jackson decided that he was more interested in Daddy's new golf club!
Lighting McQueen takes flight!
Jackson was mesmerized watching the kite!
A man on a mission!
Papa, Jackson, and Daddy
If I just reach a little farther...
Me showing Jackson how to fish. This lasted about 2.5 seconds.
Helping him reel.
Jackson flying the kite all by himself. The kite was fully extended here.
How many adults does it take to fly a kite?

Jackson driving in the pasture

We rigged the 2 kites to fly together. It worked for about 20 seconds.

I guess I should point out that although it looks like it was a stormy day, it was just overcast. It didn't storm until much later :) We weren't about to recreate Thomas Edison's kite experiment!

We had a great trip and hope we can go back really soon!

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Rachel said...

CUTE!! We were just talking about how much Ali would love flying kites the other day!! We will definitely have to try it soon!

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