Thursday, July 30, 2009

Big Changes For Our Little Man

About two weeks ago we got a notice that Jackson's preschool was going up on their rates again. This would make an increase of over $20 a week since we got Jackson enrolled there when he was 8 months old. We love the school and his teachers and we were getting prepared to pay the extra amount when we got a phone call yesterday that he had finally gotten in with a preschool that he's been on the waiting list for since I was 5 months pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly. I was 5 months pregnant when Jackson got on their waiting list and we just now got the call 2 weeks before Jackson's 3rd birthday.

So I took the open spot and I've been stressed ever since.

I'm not stressed about the decision, because I truly feel this is the right choice for our family. God is providing a way for us to save over $2,000 a year while at the same time have a great place for Jackson to stay. It's a wonderful Christian environment at a Baptist church just around the corner from us, and I've never heard a complaint about them. For Heaven's sake, the waiting list is 3 years long! I dropped by yesterday afternoon and met the director and his teacher. Both seem very nice and I felt like he would be very well taken care of.

That being said, I'm still very stressed and anxious.

I'm mostly stressed about how Jackson is going to take the change. He isn't a very outgoing child until he warms up, and for him that sometimes takes a little while. He is very reserved and doesn't handle new things very well.

And I'm stressed about Jackson having to say goodbye to his friends and teachers.

And I'm stressed about taking Jackson to a new school where he doesn't know anyone.

And I'm stressed that although I know that Jackson is going to have to learn to make transitions in life, it doesn't make this immediate change any easier on him or us.

So keep us in your prayers. Pray specifically for an easy transition time for Jackson and that he will love his new school and teacher. Pray that he is able to make new friendships easily.

Pray for his Mommy and Daddy when they take him the first few days.

We drive by this school all the time and he loves the playground. He'll say, "When I get bigger, I'm going to go to that school and play on that playground." So right now we are really playing up the "you're bigger and you'll get to play on a new playground" aspect of things while at the same time trying not to let Jackson see how stressed I am for him.

It's times like these when I really wish that children came with a handbook for tough decisions...

3 random thoughts:

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Change is never easy, is it? Just know that you, as his parent, know what's best for him. You'll be in my prayers!

Kay said...

When you get a copy of that handbook, pass me a copy of the teen edition! LOL

I'm sure he will do fine. The first few days are different but little kids tend to meld and make friends quickly. : )

Fulton Quads said...

I am SO happy that he got in! Especially that it is where you wanted him to go & that it is in a Christian enviornment. I am SO perplexed about what to do with our four! They need preschool BAD!! I cannot find a reasonable place that can take all 4 as of yet! It stresses me out just thinking about it! Do you try part-time preschool or should we jump in feet first with full-time? Looks like they will be attending "Mommy U" at least for another year! BTW, When you find that handbook please pass it along my way! I need it! LOL! Good Luck with his transition!
Love, Cathy & her quads

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