Monday, August 10, 2009

Where to Begin???

So much has gone on this weekend, I almost don't know where to begin! I guess I'll start with Friday and work up to today!

First up: Kellyn is doing good! She passed a kidney stone early Friday morning and then was released from the hospital late Friday evening. She should see her doctor again this week, but she is feeling much better. Please be in prayer that she doesn't have any more issues come up again (ever), but especially during the rest of her pregnancy!

On Saturday we had Jackson's 3rd birthday party at the YMCA's indoor playground. It was a monkey themed party and was a swingin' success! We had 44 people there! Our entire families were able to make it and we had such a good time. The kids were wild and had a blast, and the most of the adults were tired just watching them! Because of the amount of "Action Jackson," I was barely able to get any good pictures! Mom sent me lots, so I'll post them soon. Jackson got a ton of fun new toys, books, and clothes, and it looks like a tornado has gone through our house. I'm so glad the party is over, but just can't believe that my little boy is turning 3 on Friday. Where has time gone? We enjoyed spending time with Jeremy's family on Sunday morning, and then just rested for the rest of the day. We were pooped!

And today has been a big day! Miranda had her baby this morning! I was there at the hospital when James Edward Nelson was born shortly after 8:00, weighing in at 8lbs. and 8 oz, and 20 1/2 inches long. He has the cutest peach fuzz on his head, and both he and Miranda are doing great!

Just minutes old!

I could just pinch those chubby cheeks!

Getting his first bath!

So sweet and clean!

And last but not least, Jackson started his new preschool this morning. I was getting his bag ready last night and I just lost it crying. Jeremy and Jackson weren't home at the time, but Jeremy walked in the kitchen in time to see me just boo-hooing. It was so many emotions at one time, but it was mostly over, "Arewedoingtherightthinganddoyoupromisemethatheisgoingtobeokay?" I wrote a note to his teacher telling her all about Jackson and boo-hooed writing it. I just wanted to make sure she knew what a special, sweet little boy was in her class. I want her to love him!

Jackson saw me crying briefly (he didn't know what about though) and during his bath time I was talking with him about his new school. I said, "Now tomorrow you start a new school. You aren't going to cry are you?" He said, "I may cry a little bit. But crying is for babies." I said, "That's right. Crying is for babies" to which he quickly responded, "Mommy, you were crying just like a little baby!"

I cried so much last night that I can barely see out of my puffy eyes this morning.

I made Jeremy take Jackson to school and guess what? Jackson did fine. He did cry, but he did fine.

And I called to check on him and spoke with his teacher and guess what she said? She said he's doing fine. They had already gone out to the playground (and he had a great time) and were drinking some water. She said that he hasn't been too shy, and he wasn't crying.

And I'm happy to report, I'm not crying anymore either!

Have a great Monday!

P.S. I'm going to have an entire "Jackson's 3rd B'day Party Post" later as soon as I can sort through the pictures!

3 random thoughts: said...

Can't wait to hear about Jackson's first day at his preschool.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, my goodness... y'all DID have a busy weekend. There are so many Big Events, I don't even know where to start. Happy birthday (the third one and the zero one - heh), congrats on starting preschool and yeah that everyone is healthy now.

The Jones' said...

Few things...First I am so glad Kellyn is doing better and will keep her in my prayers. Second,it was so nice of you to take pics and post them of baby James. He is a doll. Third, I am right there with you crying. MG is really anxious for some reason about starting back to school.(her mom is too, which explains why I am up at midnight commenting on your blog!) I walked in on her the other night snuggled up on the floor with a pillow, sobbing her little heart out. I guess it is just Molly is here now! And lastly, I met a girl yesterday whose sister is 5 years older than her and she was named by the older sis. Just made me think of you and Kellyn. Whew, I think that is all.
Oh, no it's not. MG had her 3rd b'day at the Y too and it was so much fun. A great memory for us.
Ok, I am done now : )

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