Monday, November 30, 2009

Boots and Bonfires

We went to Hattiesburg to visit Jeremy's family for Thanksgiving. We had a great trip! We ate lots of delicious food, got some Black Friday shopping done, and just enjoyed time with Jeremy's family. Part of what made the trip so fun was that Jackson got to experience his first bonfire! He was so excited about it, and talked about it for 2 days before we even got to do it! When we got there, he was loving it. Jeremy's brother Ben had built a pretty impressive fire, and Jackson loved it! We roasted hot dogs on the fire and then toasted marshmallows and made smores. Oddly enough, Jackson was not a fan at all of the toasted marshmallows, but he sure loved eating them "raw." We had a blast, and the weather was just perfect for a night out! And as if Jackson didn't have enough fun Friday night, Saturday morning Papa and Gigi took him to get his first pair of "real" cowboy boots. He looks like such a cutie running around in his boots! Enjoy the pictures!

Jackson's first peek at the bonfire

Ben's girlfriend, Lacey

It was a pretty impressive bonfire!

Amy and Adam

Me and Jer

Ben and Lacey

Papa and Gigi

The fire got a little bit out of control here. Ben put it back in line!

Jackson had a blast running around, although not running near the fire!

Me and my little man. I look like a whale in this picture!

Jackson posing in his new cowboy boots. Isn't he a cutie!

Stick 'em up!!

Jackson decided to "ride" Macy like a cowboy last night, all while dressed in a lion costume with his cowboy boots. Go figure!! I'm sure Macy's thrilled with this new game!

1 random thoughts:

Lianne said...

How fun! I love roasting marshmallows. I totally dig Jackson's boots, too. I need, NEED some.

That has to be the World's Most Patient and Tolerant Dog. I'm just sayin'.

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