Friday, December 11, 2009

I'll Take The Random With A Side of "This Has Nothing To Do With Anything Else"

We got our Christmas tree last night. I used to live in the land of artificial-already-pre-lit-treeville, until said tree bit the dust. Now we resort to paying for ridiculously overpriced already cut trees that always have me feeling like a bit of a tree murderer. I just hate that some pretty little pine tree had it's life cut short just so I could enjoy it in my house for a few weeks and then dump it by the curb when I'm tired of it. Anyways, we got our tree last night and got it set up and all was fine and dandy. Then this morning as I was driving to work I kept hearing this awful racket on top of my car.

My first thought was that pine needles should not make that much noise flying off my car.

My second thought (and this is when you know that I'm definitely an overly dramatic person) was that scary story about the serial killer that hides on top of the car when the lovebirds are parked at a lover's lane and tries to kill them when they get out of the car.

My third thought was that I've been married for eight years and I haven't been parked anywhere but my driveway.

My fourth thought was that surely, for the love of all things good and right in the world, someone would have flagged me down if I had a crazy serial killer riding on top of my car.

So I pulled over (in a safe place, just in case) and saw that Jeremy had forgotten to cut the twine off my car that held the tree on my luggage rack. So my serial killer turned out to be twine flapping around in the wind.

This is the part when I'm sure you are jealous of Jeremy for getting to put up with all my drama! Right this very minute I'm sure you are saying to yourself, "That Jeremy, he's such a lucky guy!"

And then when I finally got onto the interstate I came up on this car and when I passed her I noticed that she was applying her mascara while driving 75mph. On the interstate. In rush hour traffic. I've seen this before and it drives me bonkers. She even had the sun visor mirror open while she was doing this. How does she expect to see the road? In keeping with the theme of our very open, honest, and transparent government administration, I'm going to confess to y'all that I had this mean little voice in my head that told me to honk my horn right as I was passing her just so she would poke the mascara wand in her eye. I refrained. I usually do whenever I hear that voice.

And I had to get a new pair of boots the other night. My other pair, which I loved, were my first pair of pointy toed shoes with a pencil heel. I was sure that I would hate pointy toed shoes and much to my surprise, they were very comfortable. Well, the heel on my right boot had been feeling kind of shaky and when I picked Jackson up from school the other day, my right foot slid through some gravel and I felt the heel give in just a little too much. It didn't break off, but there was no way that I could keep wearing them. Lucky for me, Jackson found a new purpose for them...

Jeremy was thrilled.

7 random thoughts:

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Jackson looks FABULOUS! He sure is workin' those boots!

Kay said...

"Do these boots make my butt look big?" Sorry... I just could. not. resist! LOL

Mom said...

This is too funny! I see where Jackson gets his great imagination.

Kellyn said...

Make sure these pictures go in the album to show his future girlfriends!!

Rachel said...

Tee hee...I wish you'd honked.

Jackson's new kicks look AWESOME.

AmyKnight said...

That is wrong to post those pictures. Poor child.

Marie said...

I'll bet his daddy just melted when he saw his sweet little prince in those stylin' boots!!!

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