Friday, December 04, 2009

How is Santa going to pull this off?

Last night my friend Britney and I took our boys (and our hubbies) to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa Claus. If you have a Bass Pro Shops close by I highly recommend taking your kids during Christmas time. They go all out! The Santa village looks amazing and the staff really goes above and beyond to make it a magical experience for the kids. And the best part: it’s all free!

Jackson was super excited about seeing Santa this year and couldn’t wait to tell him what he wants for Christmas. I wasn’t too worried about him being scared of Santa since he did so good last year, and this year he was just as good! Jackson smiled for his pictures, which shocked the daylights out of me (he’s in an anti-smiling-during-pictures phase), and then told Santa that he wanted a biiiiggggg pirate ship for Christmas. After he got done we went and played with some of the games that were set up and then sat down so the boys could color a picture, while Britney and I wrote letters to Santa for the boys. That’s when Jackson dropped a bombshell on me:

Me: “Jackson, what do you want me to tell Santa that you want for Christmas in this letter?”
Jackson: “Tell him that I want a biiigggg pirate ship. And a pirate. A pirate with a wooden leg. A pirate with a wooden leg and a glass eye!"
Me: (insert cricket sounds)

Santa has the pirate ship taken care of, but how in the world is he supposed to find a pirate with a wooden leg and a glass eye with this short of notice?

Have a great weekend!

Jackson and Layton checking out the "Big Daddy" fish!

The boys riding the four-wheelers

Jackson loved it!

Jackson with Santa Claus!

Jackson telling Santa about the biiiiggg pirate ship he wants!

Jackson trying his hand at target practice. Don't get any ideas Jackson; you are NOT getting a gun like that at three years old!

Daddy helping him out

The Dads "helping" the boys with the remote control cars!

Jackson mailing the infamous letter to Santa!

He's such a cutie pie!

3 random thoughts:

Samantha said...

Jackson makes me smile!

I love your daily posts, I get a little sad if I don't see one in my google reader. It's a part of my morning routine.

My sister and bro-in-law take Lauren every year to see Santa at Bass Pro too. They love FREE! But hey, who doesn't!?

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That is a wonderful Santa--so authentic!

Rachel said...

That's what Google's for. Surely they have Pirates with wooden legs and glass eyes!

Love the pics! We STILL haven't been to Bass Pro Shop - we really need to take Ali.

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