Monday, July 26, 2010

Things I Heard This Weekend

From Jeremy:
Jeremy: "Amy, make sure to get some new hair soap when you're at Walmart."
Amy: "I think they call it shampoo."

From Jackson:
Avoiding bedtime: "But I have a bone in my leg so I can't walk by myself!"

Attempting reverse bribery: "But if you buy me a new monster truck then I will be good the rest of the time we are at Walmart!"

Being difficult in public: "But I'm not going to eat anything at all. Nothing. I'm not hungry. I want a salad."

Perfecting persistence: "But Barbie and Ken want to go to the swimming pool with me today. I told Ken I'm going to teach him how to dive."

Enlisting Nana: "But Nana would want me to have some bubble gum!"

Working his Southern charm: "I think I'm about as cute as a bullfrog!"

There really never is a dull moment around our house!

4 random thoughts:

McCrory Family said...

Hair soap?! I literally laughed out loud! Claire has pulled the bone excuse too. "Mom, my bones hurt so I can't sleep"...

Nana said...

This is priceless! Nana really does want Jackson to have some bubble gum. That reminds me -- I need to get some gum balls.

The Jones' said...

That bullfrog is a a real cutie!

Next time I come to Prattville I will bring Jeremy some Hair soap! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hair Soap, shampoo...same thing, kinda.

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