Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toomer's Corner: An Auburn Tradition

Toomer's Corner is a landmark to Auburn University, my alma mater. After every win, thousands of fans flock to Toomer's to roll the 130 year old oak trees as part of our celebration. I found out last night that an Alabama fan called in to the Paul Finebaum show to brag that after the Auburn vs. Alabama game back in November, he drove to Toomer's corner and poured a lethal herbicide on the roots of the trees to kill the trees. University officials tested the soil and confirmed the reports. Here is the news article.

I'm just heartbroken over this. I know that they are just trees, but to Auburn fans it is so much more than that. It's part of tradition, passed down from one Auburn generation to another, to celebrate by joining other Auburn fans in victory. I understand rivalry pranks, but this takes that way too far, to a point of pure evil. The guy that did this sounds so proud of himself, and I'm at least glad to say that there are plenty of (sane) Alabama fans that are speaking out in anger against his actions. I understand passion for your school. I do not understand the need to destroy a tradition and be completely malicious.

This is a picture of Toomer's after Auburn's National Championship win last month, and a time lapse video of Toomer's being rolled after the game. It breaks my heart that I might not even be able to share this tradition with Jackson, and that the damage done to this historic landmark will likely never be repaired in my lifetime, and quite possibly in Jackson's and Anderson's lifetimes. Jackson just came in the room as I was watching this video, and his first comment was, "I can't wait to do that at Toomer's!" I'm just sick over the fact that more than likely, barring a miracle, he won't have the chance because of one sick fan.

I found this quote on facebook from a fellow Auburn fan, and I thought it was perfect: "You might beat us on the field, you might make jokes about us and call us names, you might mock our traditions and even kill our historic oak trees, but you will NEVER break our spirit, you will NEVER wound our pride, you will NEVER cause our class to waiver and you will NEVER tear us apart. We are a FAMILY and this will only strengthen our bond. ALL IN."


Updated: An arrest was made on Thursday, February 17th. Criminal mischief charges have been filed, but this was a federal offense with more charges likely. Keep your fingers crossed that this man is held accountable for his actions.

3 random thoughts:

Chim Stewart said...

Thanks, Amy, for posting this. I hadn't seen the video, and the quote at the end really sums up everything I'm feeling right now. War eagle!

Kay said...

That is just so sad! It's hard to think of people being so mean like that. The video is something...and that picture looks like a snow storm! : )

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

That is so so sad. And SO un-called for. Wow.

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