Monday, February 07, 2011

Update On Dad

I just got home from the last visiting hours at the hospital with Dad. He's looking good, and his color has really improved from yesterday. He is still having irregular heart rhythms, so for now he is still in CCU. His blood pressure has gone up some from yesterday (which is a good thing!) and his respiration has also improved.

He is in really good spirits, laughing and joking, and we're keeping our fingers crossed (and praying!) that he is moved into a regular room tomorrow.

Please continue to remember him in your prayers. We should have the results of the echo cardiogram tomorrow, so pray especially for that. I'll post more when I get updates, but for now, I'm heading to bed. Night y'all!

3 random thoughts:

Shelby Baker said...

Praying! :)

The Jones' said...

Oh Amy, We have been at Disney World and had our own crazy adventure but nothing like your daddy. I love that man! And I am praying for him and y'all. I am so glad they do not always have to do surgery every time now but the cath and that is usually a much quicker healing time. Glad to hear he is in good spirits. It is so scary when your mom or dad is sick. You take care of yourself too. I know you worry about him but take care of you and little Anderson too. Mr. Tom would want that.
By the way, at Norway in Epcot we ate at a Princess dinner and our waiter was named "Anders". Do not think you are one to shorten a name cause I have never heard you call Jackson "Jack" (although I love Jack) but our waiter Anders was super cute and sweet. I just thought about your little Anderson.

We are praying. Please tell your mom and dad we are and we love all of you.

Kay said...

I'm glad to hear him sounding and acting more like himself. Praying as he progresses to a new room. : )

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