Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Update On Dad

Dad is still in CCU because his heart is still in Afib. They are giving him medication to try to help it, but so far it's not helping very quickly. His other numbers are doing good, with his blood pressure finally starting to rise to a good level, and if it weren't for the heart being out of rhythm, he would already be home. We are hoping that he will be moved to a regular room tomorrow.

Mom got to speak with the heart doctor today and she really liked him. We won't know about the extent of damage for awhile, but I ask that you pray specifically that whatever damage has occured will not be permanent. God says that whatever you ask for in prayer he will give you, and I'm specifically asking him for this, and I know he is powerful enough to do it. Dad's spirit is great, and he is just beyond ready to get back home. Please continue to remember him in your prayers. They are greatly appreciated!

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