Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Confessions

  • I’m completely confounded by the Geico gecko. It’s not so much that it’s a talking lizard, it’s more that I can’t figure out whether he’s supposed to be an Australian gecko or a British gecko. His accent totally throws me off. I’m from the heart of the deep south. If a lizard is going to try to sell me insurance he’s going to need to know the word, “y’all.”

  • I think Smart cars are the dumbest looking car ever made. I’m sorry if you own one. It may be called a Smart Car, but you look like an idiot driving it.

  • The phrase, “_______ peed his/her pants” absolutely infuriates me and has since the movie Billy Madison came out. Why in the world have people resorted to leaving the “in” out of that sentence. Come on people, it’s a 2 letter word. How much more effort would it take to say, “______ peed in his/her pants.”
  • I just realized that I’m 8 months pregnant. I waddle now. It’s very obvious.

  • I bought a new pair of khaki maternity capris the other day. I was so excited to wear them until I realized as I was pumping gas that my legs are the exact same shade of khaki as the pants. Mama needs a tan, asap!

Have a great weekend!

4 random thoughts:

Kay said...

I can't figure out where that gecko is from either. I so agree. He'd sound much more friendly and down home if he tossed out a y'all every once in a while. : )

Yes, those cars are dumb. One little fender bender and that person is toast. Real smart.

One good thing about the waddle...remember early on when you weren't showing and you wanted everybody to know you were preggers. NOW they know! : )

Rachel said...

You won't be waddling long, though! Let's just hope you don't pee your new khaki pants.

Jessica said...

The gecko is obviously Australian. I've never even considered another possibility.
Smart cars = dumb!!
Rock the pale pastiness!! I'm right there with you!!

Kristi said...

I agree about the smart car. And the outcome is not good if it is involved in a wreck.

I hate when people say peed his pants too. I have always wondered why they leave the "in" out

Have you tried googling what accent the gecko has? ;)

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