Wednesday, May 11, 2011

35 Weeks!!

How Far Along: 35 weeks. Officially less than 5 weeks to go, but I'm pretty sure that I have about 4 weeks left.

Size of baby: over 18 inches, and weighing in at 5 1/4 pounds, about the weight of a honeydew.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: As of last week I had gained 13 pounds total, but I'm probably up a few more since then.

Maternity Clothes: Maternity all the time.

Gender: We're having another little boy, Anderson Moore Wade.

Movement: Lots of strong movements still, but mostly just kicking. He doesn't have enough room to flip around anymore! As I'm typing this he is putting on quite a show!

Sleep: It's loads of fun right now! Between constant potty trips, restless legs and the inability to breathe, I'm just loving this stage of pregnancy!

Symptoms: Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, some of which are very strong and painful.

Cravings: Sweet foods, but I'm resisting the urge!

What I Miss: Being comfortable.

Best Moment this week: It's been a pretty normal week so far.

What I am looking forward to: I have a baby shower this weekend at my church and I'm really excited about that, not to mention going back to the doctor on Monday for another check up.

Is your nursery done? No, but it's getting closer!

Are you getting nervous? Yes, but not about labor. I'm just nervous about getting things ready for him!

Have you dropped yet? I think so. I'm definitely feeling a lot of pressure!

How do you feel in general? Very pregnant.

What are you getting the most excited about? To see Jackson's reaction to meeting his baby brother.

Any big fears or concerns? Actually getting the nursery done on time.

What is in your hospital bag? Nothing yet. I better get to working on that!

How many more days until D-Day? Less than 35 days!

1 random thoughts:

Kay said...

He's so big already. Wow..I can't believe we are this close to seeing him! I know this is when time seems to drag on because of the misery aspect of things, but he's going to be here before you know it. So excited for your shower. It will be a fun day. : )

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