Monday, January 14, 2013

The "F" Word

The flu hit our house hard last week. Jackson was the first to go down with it on Tuesday, the day he was supposed to have gone back to school. He was given the rest of the week off, and my Mom was so sweet to watch him for us. Wednesday was fine, but by Thursday I was having some major body aches and decided to get tested. My q-tip swab barely hit the test before it was registering positive for Flu A. I was given a prescription for tamiflu and sent home to quarantine myself from the other half of my family.

It did no good...

I got a call from Jeremy before lunch on Friday that he wasn't feeling good. He also got tested and wouldn't you know it, he was also positive. We had put Anderson on a preventative tamiflu course (with a doctor's permission, but NOT the permission of our pediatrician's office). When our doctor's office is paying for our copays, then they can decide whether or not our child will get a preventative dose of tamiflu. So there.

Anderson ended up at the doc-in-the-box Friday night with a major ear infection, but NO flu!!!

So that's how things stand right now. 100% of our family got the flu shot, and it did no good for 75% of us! Jeremy and I are both heading back to work today, but we just feel like we've been hit by a truck. The kids, however, are rocking and rolling. Isn't that how it always is?

Wish us luck for the next few days....we're gonna need it!

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Kay said...

THAT is just beyond awful. But yes, kids do seem to bounce back much easier than the grown ups. Wish I could bring you something yummy for dinner. Cyber hugs, my friend! : )

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