Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Random Dozen

It's time for some Friday random dozen!

1. Have you ever been so lost that you were really afraid?
When I was 16 my parents let me drive to the thriving metropolis that is about 20 minutes from our house. I was going to my boyfriend's house. On the way home, and desperately pushing curfew, I realized that I needed gas. So, I did what any normal person would do; I exited the interstate and began looking for a gas station. It took me all of 20 seconds to realize that I had definitely picked the wrong exit. There were absolutely no businesses in sight, and suffice it to say, I was in the wrong part of town. I called my parents from my Zach Morris cell phone and my Mom was like, "Why did you get off at that exit?" My Dad was able to get me back to the interstate but I definitely learned my lesson about interstate exits that are unfamiliar.

2. Have you ever been to an island?
I have been to both Cozumel and Puerto Rico twice, the Bahamas once, and in just one week I'll be visiting St. Thomas and St. John with Jeremy. I'm so excited!!!

3. Are you more of a thinker or feeler?
I think I'm a thinker, because I definitely have a problem over-analyzing stuff.

4. Do you tend to see issues or situations in life as black and white or shades of gray?It all depends on the issue. Some things are definitely black and white, and other things are completely gray. So vague, I know.

5. If you were stuck on an island, what book would you hope to have with you (Let's pretend the Bible is already there, so you can't say that.)
I would have to say the Harry Potter or Twilight series. I love them both. If it could only be one book then I would say Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

6. What are you most afraid of?
Losing my family.

7. Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?How about neither...

8. Pretend I'm looking at a scrapbook page about you. There are three spaces for you to drop in individual pictures. What are those pictures of, and why did you select them?
My wedding portrait with Jeremy because it was such an important day, a picture of my family, and a picture of Jackson and Anderson.

9. If you were re-doing your wedding, what would you do differently? (If you're single, tell me one thing you would do if you were planning a wedding OR huge party.)
I think the only thing I would have changed would have been to make sure that I had a picture done that included both Jeremy and my immediate families together. We have shots with his family and shots with mine, but not all of us together. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.

10. Tell me one thing you know/believe about forgiveness.Forgiveness is not easy, but forgetting is harder. And although people hurt us in life, we need to be aware that if God can forgive us for all the things we do, then we need to be gracious about forgiving others.

11. You're waiting in a doctor's office. What is your favorite way to pass that time?
Reading a magazine or book, or trying my best to entertain Jackson and/or Anderson.

12. If there were a clone of you in a parallel universe what is one way you hope she/he would be the same as you and one way you hope she/he would be better?I would hope that she still loves her family and her God with all her heart, and I would hope that she has an extra set of arms to multitask better. Cause seriously, with two kids, two hands are just not enough!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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