Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jackson's Baptism

This past Sunday morning Jeremy and I had the joy of all joys to be able to join our oldest son, Jackson in the baptistry during his baptism into the Christian faith. He made his profession of faith on Wednesday, April 10th, and was baptized on Sunday, April 21st at the church that I've belonged to since I was 10 years old, Glynwood Baptist Church. Our pastor, Bro. Bruce Hose, likes for family to join in the baptistry, and Jeremy and I were able to help submerge Jackson under the water. It was such a special moment in our lives, and one that I will never forget.
Jeremy's parents, Papa and Gigi, were able to be in town for the special weekend, and Jackson's Nana, Tata, KK, and Uncle Jase were also able to watch this super amazing child of ours, loaned to us by our Heavenly Father, become a new person in Christ.
Jeremy and I are so proud of Jackson, and ask that you pray for him as he begins this new journey in life.


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